Gigaclear FAQs

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Who is Gigaclear?

Gigaclear is a UK fibre optic broadband provider based in Oxfordshire employing over 200 people. Gigaclear builds and operates brand new full fibre (“FTTP”) networks in rural parts of the UK, delivering ultrafast Gigabit broadband to homes and businesses.

Gigaclear builds networks using commercial investment supported by its primary investors Prudential Infracapital, Railpen and Woodford. Gigaclear has also been awarded contracts as part of the Government-subsidised BDUK rural broadband programme in Berkshire, Devon, Essex, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Wiltshire

Why is this happening?

AVB has grown quickly to provide ultrafast broadband in 7 Aylesbury Vale villages, but there are other local communities that AVB cannot reach without significant additional investment. Gigaclear is a growing company with the resources and expertise to continue the good work started by AVB. Their commitment to growing the network was an important part of AVB’s decision to sell the network to Gigaclear.

Will this change bring any direct benefit to me?

As an established company, Gigaclear will offer the security of an experienced fibre broadband supplier with the resources that implies. This will bring additional day-to-day operational support and also the security that the service will develop further in the future. Gigaclear understands in the importance of fibre for Aylesbury Vale communities and businesses and this sale should provide reassurance and enable them to plan for the future.

What are Gigaclear’s plans for rolling out the service to other villages in Aylesbury Vale?

Gigaclear has already built a full fibre network in Great Brickhill, Soulbury, Botolph Claydon, Calvert Green, Marsh Gibbon, Grendon Underwood, Piddington. Gigaclear will commit to completing the network builds by end of Q3 2018 in Stewkley, Oving, Drayton Parslow and Swanbourne. This means that the majority of residents in these areas will be able to access Gigaclear’s full fibre broadband services. To check if you’re in an eligible area, go to the postcode checker on

In parallel Gigaclear are evaluating other areas in Aylesbury Vale and will announce further details in due course.

I have paid a deposit for a connection. When can I expect to be connected?

Gigaclear doesn’t take deposits for its service. AVB will be refunding the deposits it holds for people awaiting connection to the network and will contact you soon to arrange this. If you are an existing AVB customer and would like to switch to Gigaclear, please contact 01865 664220 to discuss your options.

I am an existing AVB customer what do I need to do to keep my Broadband working?

Gigaclear will keep all the AVB customers’ broadband working until 31st January 2018. Gigaclear is offering all customers the opportunity to migrate onto the Gigaclear service. If you wish to do this please contact Gigaclear and explain you are an existing AVB customer.

Who do I contact for support?

If you have a technical problem contact Gigaclear on 01865 591131

If you have account questions contact Gigaclear on 01865 591151.